Your TV Moment

Look! What are you looking at every day?
What have you all seen today?
But really seen? What has made an impression?
What has caught your attention? And why?
Did you take the time to really watch?

Every day you look around you:
on the street, in the classroom, at the office,
on your phone or at the television. You watch
– if you can – every minute
of the day when you are awake.
But not every moment attracts your attention or
gives you a feeling.
You prefer to look at what is interesting to you.
An observing moment that is enriching.

The moment when someone touches you,
that is when you discover
that you have been inspired.
That moment is worth watching!


YTVM makes inspiration visible.
Because what inspires me, can also inspire others.

This is what YTVM stands for.
Making videos that touch, that inspire and
that motivate others.

Do you want to reach people with a video?
Then make yourself visible with Your TV Moment!
We make your video worth watching!


Why do you do what you do?
You started a company with a passion,
a conviction and a purpose. We often tell
what we do, but we forget to tell why
we do it. The real story of your company can
be told right here, and with that story you convince and find
your clients.

The only question now is: do you really show what you
want to show? Do you dare
to make yourself or your company visible ? And not as expected, but
as you feel, as you think and as you are.

Scary! But you are a fool if you don’t try


YTVM searches, finds and touches!
With special stories, breathtaking locations and inspiring people.

I am, as I call it, an ‘ingredient finder’.
Someone who explores and returns with something.
And as an ingredient seeker I am social,
I like to network, I think in practical feasibility
but above all creative and out of the box.
I work with a big smile, a dose of enthusiasm
and always follow my curiosity.
With my extensive travel experiences, language skills and
multifunctional employability, I think along
in creation and realization!

I can be deployed as an experienced program maker,
director and location scout.



Hi I am Desiree! My friends would describe me as colorful, energetic, enthusiastic with an infectious smile, and someone who wants to make the world a bit more beautiful. Through videos, I want to share what I see, what I hear and what I feel. With this I hope to motivate and inspire people with the stories I come across. My strength is that I dare to look differently. With my creativity I think out of the box, I come from a different angle and I can bring that which touches.

With YTVM I help people to make themselves visible in a unique way. How? By being themself! Because I believe you can only be ‘normal’ by being different!

YTVM stands for out of the box
Because what is different stands out!


Together you create more than alone!
Because with a good team you achieve greater results.

The YTVM team consists of independent creative talents who perform camera, sound, production, edit and postproduction activities in a way that suits the client and the desired end result.

For each assignment I look at which team member is needed and who best suits the subject or style of a production.



Make yourself visible by calling:
+31 (0)6 41 06 18 68

Or by emailing:

I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you!