YTVM looks for the right film locations, finds inspiring people, organizes everything to perfection and combines all the right elements needed for a TV-, video-, documentary-, or movie production. YTVM works for the dutch television and realize own productions with targeted messages that matter!


YTVM Your TV Moment; because watching television is more than a moving picture!





You make the best discoveries by not following the rest

As a location scout YTVM finds the right film locations; not only in the Netherlands but also far across its borders. Whether it’s for an advertising commercial, a photoshoot, a television program, film or documentary... YTVM find the ingredients needed to engage its viewers. "My curiosity leads me to the most extraordinary and inspiring places, and by my spontaneous, easy-going personality I come, thanks to tips from locals, often in location with a real" wow "-effect. Combine that with spacious tv and film experience and THE perfect location will be found.


YTVM: seek, find and touch!




Nothing is impossible when you work like everything is possible

I am a skilled producer who loves a personal approach. I screen, scout, control and coördinate with a big smile and a huge dose of enthusiasm! Behind the scenes I am an organizational whiz kid and determined to make the impossible possible.

Due to my various ambitions I am a trained producer with editorial-, Camjo-, ENG-, studio- and film experience.

Thought out from creation to realization!




I live my dream when I’m awake... Are you awake?


A TV program or documentary is more than just a moving moment. It creates awareness, provides opportunities, or is just that one extra nudge in the back. YTVM is in the process of realizing formats and (business) movies that the viewer awareness of his/her own abilities.


YTVM wants to inspire and motivate to ' live your dream! '

YTVM, Your TV Moment wants to achieve that people dare to be who they are.



Without character there is no soul

YTVM not only has a very good nose to find the right people, , but also an extensive network will lead her to the right candidates/actors/Celebs and stand-ins. Whether it's a special person with a gripping story, a spontaneous local

or a bus full of characters; Whoever you are looking for YTVM cast, screens and find!


In the past YTVM casted for several Dutch television programs:


Stars dancing on ice, Dreamhouse search, Only a man, Char, Derek Ogilvie the ghost whisperer, Dating in the dark, The treasure of the Orange, Spanisch dream, Stars in the care and Let’s get Married



You are a fool if you don’t try

This is me, Desiree Salman; a producer, location scout, casting director, director and broadcaster. But above all, a

 travel-addict, impulsive and adventurous lady who dares to go her own way.


As a 13 year old girl I already said "I want to become a Director!" After a variety of jobs in my little home country and abroad I finally found the right path to pursue my dreams a few years ago. My career as a broadcaster began with ’ Blik op de weg’ after which I worked successively for production companies as Eyeworks, Endemol, RTL, Talpa, I care, IDTV, Media Brothers and Omroep Max. I chose my own way and literally with lots of persistence and believing in myself I have come to where I am now.





Inspired, motivated or just curious? Call or email me. Maybe I can help you as a location scout, producer, casting director, or filmmaker on your next documentary,

television- or film production.


Desiree Salman

+31- 641061868

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